Welcome on RDF.community

A platform by the RDF community, for the RDF community

RDF and Linked Data are powerful technologies and getting into them hasn’t always been easy. rdf.community is meant to fill the gap with resources for both newcomers and professionals. It also hosts a community forum on discuss.rdf.community.

rdf.community should be exactly what the name says: A platform intended for the RDF community, collectively maintained by the RDF community. It is meant to be a vendor-independent organization open to everyone. Anyone can be part of it and the site is run in an independent GitHub organization. Active contributors are welcome to join this organization and become administrators as well.

The goal of this site is to advocate for and educate about RDF and its technology stack. Any contributions in that direction are welcome, although we prefer quality over quantity and aim at being opinionated, instead of an exhaustive list of RDF related resources.

The community forum is the place to go for any RDF related discussions. For Q&A kind of content, we recommend Stack Overflow & alike, where many contributors to this site can be found as well. If you are unsure if you have a question or a discussion, consult this post.